WTS: Sega HSS-0130/Sega Blast City Control Panel (SOLD)

Like title states. Looking to sell my two control panels since I sold my HSS (sad day). Looking for $60 each. Let me know if you are interested. Please feel free to PM me, email me @ one100bill@yahoo.com or call my cell at 323 304 1027. I’ve sold and bought stuff here in SRK so please don’t be afraid. The black panel was being used on my HSS. Does not come with buttons nor stick. If you want it as is we can negotiate a deal but please keep in mind that it comes with a JLF stick, sanwa blue mesh ball, 6 green sanwa RG buttons and 2 24mm blue sanwa buttons and is dual modded for PS3 and Xbox 360 with auto detect. The other paneL was part of a sega blast city cabinet. It’s made to take a sanwa stick. As far as trades go I am looking for mint condition Nintendo DSi XL, SHMUPS for PS1, PS2, Xbox 360. The price is negotiable.






Bump for $10 price drop and I am open to offers.

Sent you a pm

Panels sold to shiryu7 and payment received. Thank you and please feel free to call if ANY questions or concerns arise. Will be adding some more stuff I please don’t close.