[WTS] Sega Saturn collection, Comic Con TE (360), Triumvir X Street Fighter (XL-L), PS1 + MORE


Hey SRK.

I decided that I wanted to sell some games, clothes and other things that I don’t use or wear anymore. Feel free to message me about anything you’re interested in, or if you have any questions.

My preferred method of payment is PayPal. All prices are currently without shipping but, I will include shipping in your final total.

Look out for more updates soon. Thanks.

— Sega Saturn Collection —

Sega Saturn NetLink - $20
NOTE: NetLink still works for online play

Action Replay Plus - $30
NOTE: Used for bypassing region lock, also serves as memory card

Sega Saturn Twin Stick - $75

Dragon Force - $80

Guardian Heroes - $60

Panzer Dragoon Saga - $180

Saturn Bomberman (NetLink compatible) - $75

Megaman 8 - $75

Burning Rangers - $75

Keio’s Flying Squadron 2 (Import, English dub) - $70

NiGHTS Box Set w/ 3D Control Pad - $60

Metal Slug w/ Ram Cart - $50

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo - $20

[SOLD] [S]Panzer Dragoon - $10[/S] [SOLD]

[SOLD] [S]Panzer Dragoon II Z[/S][S]wei - $10[/S] [SOLD]

***[SOLD] ***[S]Fighters Megamix - $5[/S] [SOLD]

Last Bronx - $5

Battle Arena Toshinden URA - $5

[SOLD] — [S]Mad Catz Comic Con TE Stick (360)[/S] — [SOLD]

Price: $130 or best offer

Info: Comes with original box. Buttons and stick are stock and in great condition. The back door latch came off after regular use, shown in pictures. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

— Triumvir X Street Fighter (XL, L) + Other Fighting Game Apparel —
NOTE: All tees have been worn and washed unless noted, all in good condition

Shadaloo Bosozoku Tee (White) XL - $20

Shadaloo Bosozoku Tee (Black) XL - $20

Dictator Tee (White) XL - $30

Dhalsim Tee (Black) XL - $30

Shadaloo Crime Syndicate Tee (Black) XL - $25

Shadaloo Crime Syndicate Tee (Red) XL - $20
NOTE: Extra picture of this one below, color slightly bled

Shadaloo Crime Syndicate Tee (White) XL - $25

Shadaloo Crime Syndicate Hoodie (Red) XL [UNWORN] - $60

Street Fighter 4 Launch Party Tee (Red) XL [UNWORN] - $20

Super Street Fighter 4 AE Launch Party Tee (White) L [UNWORN] - $20

Mad Catz The Beast Tee (Red) XL - $20

— PS1 Games —

Arc The Lad Collection - $60

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete - $50

Team Buddies - $75

[SOLD] [S]Legend of Dragoon - $15[/S] [SOLD]

— Street Fighter collectables —

Street Fighter 4 Ken Action Figure - $10

Street Fighter Balrog Action Figure - $15

Street Fighter 4 Guile Action Figure - $10

Super Street Fighter 4 AE Bobble Heads - $5

Organic Street Fighter II Chun Li Statue - $30




wow, that’s lots of cool stuff.


Looking for trades or just straight up cash? Im interested in the SFIV Red Shadaloo fight club t shirt and the Black Shadaloo Crime Syndicate if they are both XL.


Con it’s 130 shipped to NY? Pm me please. Thanks.


Dios, I PMed you about the shirts

Bad_Boy_Brazil, a few people messaged me earlier today about the stick. I’ll keep the thread updated if it’s sold or not.


Any updates? That white TE still available?


OP, you should list that Comic-con on eBay. You’ll get at least $200 easily!


i’ve already made payment for the Comic Con TE…


You luck bastard lol no offense :tup:


Nice, congrats! That’s a bargain!!!


lol, sorry guys. that’s been my only lucky break all year :stuck_out_tongue: that just means i’ll have more to sell in a few days, hahaha


Hey Kasprfoto, I got your payment. I’ll have the TE shipped out Monday.

Nucking Futs: I like pricing my stuff to sell instead of just putting it up for the most I can get, why bother with eBay when you can let it go to SRK family?


I prefer to sell to SRK also…but if I’m getting 50% more on eBay then all bets are off, LOL! :smiley:


what size is the hoodie?


Everything is XL unless otherwise stated, but I’ll just go back and add XL to everything since multiple people have asked me


A few items sold, list has been updated


received the Comic Con stick today. thanks a bunch! bump for an awesome seller here guys =)


Payment Sent…


Got it and PM’ed the tracking number to you. Thanks again.

Updated the list