WTS Sega Saturn Pad with PS4/PC (Xinput) converter


I have here a lagless Saturn to PS4 converter made from a Brook PS4/PS3 PCB and a Sega Saturn pad for sale- $90 will sell the pad alone for like $20-30 comes with box! .


How did you make this? Would something like this work on Switch?


Made with decoder and Brooks pS3/PS4 board. So no, it would only work with PS3/PS4 and PC (Xinput). Something like this could work with the switch if it had a Brook UFB or something.


Thanks for the heads up. This woudl actually work for me as I have the mayflash adapter for Switch that only accepts XINPUT. I’ve been looking for a good solution to convert my Saturn pads/sticks to XINPUT. Would you mind sharing your complete build details?

Eg. what decoder did you use, and where did you buy it?



Hiya, I was wondering if this adapter had the home share options buttons, since the SS dosen’t have enough buttons.