WTS: Sega VSHG Virtua Stick High Grade - PS3 Arcade Stick

I am asking $200 + shipping. If you flame this thread, I can almost guarantee you will be reprimanded.

Here is my ebay link:


Happy Bidding!!!

This Very Rare Sega VSHG Virtua Stick High Grade includes:

  • Pink Sanwa ball top and Sanwa buttons
  • An extra set of pink buttons, an akihabarashop pink mesh ball top
  • A pink Sanwa original meshball
  • An extra set of yellow Sanwa buttons and matching ball top
  • Modified case, which features easy to remove bottom custom plexi glass.
  • “Arcade Battle Cabinet” sticker from a Sega Versus City Cabinet

This arcade stick is revision S, so there are no button press issues. Works great with PC games, and Street Fighter IV.

I DO NO WANT OR NEED YOUR PERSONAL OPINIONS. unless they are saying that this stick rocks.





Thanks for looking.

ebay link doesn’t work homie.


please put ebay on title.

Out of curiosity, are you interested in selling any of the extras separately? I’d be interested in one or both of the pink meshballs, and just to save me making an order from elsewhere, the extra set of pink buttons.

pm sent

bump for amazing seller

pm’s sent. i always bring the heat lol

Great looking stick.



Did you already sell this stick? If not, I would buy it for 175 bucks. Would be able to pay now, if you could send now. Thanks pal.


sold to hadouken!