WTS: Seimitsu Buttons & Red Balltop


I am selling the following:

[]8 x PS-14-G Black/Blue Buttons (New, Wouldn’t fit in my TE Stick)
]Sanwa Red Balltop - Used
[*]8 x PS-14-KN Buttons (3 green buttons, 3 purple buttons, one violet and one orange) - Used

Asking $40, free shipping.


oops, didn’t notice the price at the bottom of the huge pic, tee hee…


are you aware ms paint resizes pictures?


Any chance of selling just the PS-14-G buttons?


I might be interested in the PS-14-KNs if mannerbot gets the PS-14-Gs


just an offside question, KNs fight the TE fight stick?


yes. just gotta be creative about getting the nut tight on the light kick button (X for ps3/ A for 360) cuz of the mounting plate taking up some space.


How much for the 3 purple? Are you taking trades?


Mannerbot - I’m willing to let go of the G’s for $25 shipped.

fireatwill - if mannerbot gets the G’s you can get the KN’s.

Cobra - I will keep you posted.