WTS: Seimitsu Joysticks. LS-32-01 LS-33 LS-56-01


I have for sale 3 used joysticks. 1 joystick Includes what ever balltop you want pictured.
Prices are shipping included to USA. both 01 joysticks include a wire harness. Not sure how much usage between all the joysticks, lost track. Between 1-10 hours on them.
Conversation me if interested.

LS-32-01 $18 (on left)
LS-33 $15 (middle)
[S]LS-56-01 $18 (on right. comes with both MS and VF plate too)[/S]Sold

Buy all 2 for $30

Balls on the left are Sanwa: [S]Orange[/S] Pink and Green on left joystick.

Balls on the right are Seimitsu: Bubble BlueBubble Orange, Bubble Violet, Red, and Blue. Black and White Seimitsu on 2 right joysticks.


I want the one on the left thats the green one right?


All Sold Sorry.




Pleasure doing business with ya.


I got it. The 56 looks pretty new actually thanks :slight_smile:


hey do you still sell arcade parts ?