WTS: Seimitsu LS-32-01 - TE Keychains - MGS 1&2

The LS-32-01 and keychains are new and unused. Both of the games are in superb condition and come with all of their inserts. I ship using USPS Priority or First Class mail depending on the item. PayPal only please. Thank you.

Seimitsu LS-32-01 w/ wiring harness: $25 shipped
TE black keychain: SOLD
TE blue keychain: $20 shipped
Metal Gear Solid: $10 shipped
Metal Gear Solid 2: $10 shipped
MGS 1 & 2 Bundle: $15 shipped

PM’d for one of the keychains

-payment sent (black one)

Prices lowered.

PM’d. Thanks!

Payment sent for evo sack.

would you be willing to ship to the UK?

Sure, no problem.

Bump. Selling new LS-32-01.

Actually, isn’t that an LS-32 and not an LS-32-01?

Nope, it’s an LS-32-01. An LS-32 doesn’t have the microswitches attached to a PCB.