WTS: Seimitsu LS-32 Octagonal Gate, Sanwa Buttons & Seimitsu Buttons

Update 8/7/2015: New items for sale!

Seimitsu LS 32 aftermarket Octagonal gate: SOLD.

Seimitsu PS-14 Clear Button Caps: SOLD.

Sanwa Buttons: I have 8x used Sanwa OBSF 30 buttons (black rim, orange plunger). Buttons are used. Asking $12.50 shipped.


Seimitsu PS-14-K Orange Clear Buttons: 8x brand new orange transparent buttons for sale. Never used. $22.50 shipped.


Seimitsu PS-14-K Clear Buttons: Brand new, never used. I’ve them in a stick but I did use them. $22.50 shipped.


If you want all the buttons, I’ll sell them for $50 shipped.


PM sent.

Buttons have been sold. Cherry microswitches are pending payment. Sticks are on hold/pending payment.

Sticks have been sold. Cherry microswitches are awaiting response from possible buyer.

Cherry microswitches are back on the market! $30 shipped.

What do you have left? Just the Cherry switches with Sanwa buttons?

I added new stuff just now. Pictures will come later on.

New items for sale!

Will you do an even $20 on the Blue Seimitsu buttons? Also can I get some clearer pics of the orange? Or a link to what they look like?

I can do an even $20 for the blues. Here’s a link for the oranges:http://www.focusattack.com/seimitsu-ps-14-k-30mm-snap-in-pushbutton-orange/

Focus Attack is out of the orange ones.

Seimitsu button caps are on hold.

Okay I think I’ll take the blue buttons. PM me your PayPal.

Blue buttons have been sold.

PM sent

Seimitsu Caps have been sold. Seimitsu Octagonal Gate is pending payment.

New items for sale.

Damn I would have taken those clear buttons over the blues in a heartbeat :confused:

You still want them though? I made the decision to sell them today actually.

I can’t really justify spending more on buttons at the moment, especially for the same ones in a different color. Thanks for the offer though