WTS: Seimitsu Parts


6 PS-14-KN Blue Seimitsu 30mm Buttons
1 Blue Bubble Top

These buttons are also already prepped for an LED mod Should you want one in the future

looking for 20$ shipped OBO.

PM me for details.


used or new? pics? very interested.


Lightly Used Still Work great. (I clean my buttons everyday)


im intrested too but also would like to see pics.


Updated with pics


Buttons are no longer for sale just fucked one up trying to remove to get ready for my sanwa parts…

Balltop only for sell


but i could use 5 buttons for my MK stick! nooooooooooooo!!

edit: not a serious post, who the hell would have a MK stick? :rofl:


Is the button repairable? How much for the balltop and buttons including the broken one? Let me know