WTS: Semi-Working QANBA Q4RAF Multi-Joystick (NOW WITH PICS!)


Hey fellas,

I think its time to part with this joystick as well. I dont have time to fix the issue, so I might as well sell it to someone who can fix it at a great price!

So cosmetically, the stick is in fantastic shape. Lightly used and no dings scratches or marks on it.

Inside the stick is pretty clean as well. So you may be asking “Whats wrong with the stick then?”

When its plugged in through 360, the B button (or O) or forward kick does not work. Checked the wiring and it looked ok. When plugged in to the PS3 side, R1/R2 (Roundhouse button) doesnt work.

I know its a wiring issue, but I havent had time to fix the issue and try to troubleshoot it. So my loss, your gain.

Finally added PICS!

Here we go!

Comes with the Box, button caps and headset (I think).

Selling for $100 shipped in the US. This is a awesome deal and this will be shipped overnight.

Paypal gift only please!

Have a great one!



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Bump! Pics are now added for your enjoyment! Please PM and let me know!


Price DROP! Pls someone buy this from me. Starting to take up space that the fiance is getting pissed at my for lol…

$100 takes it with free overnight!


Done. PMing now.


PM replied. Check your inbox, or else another user will scoop this up!


Don’t see a reply popping up.

EDIT: sent you another one. Not sure if its SRK or something on my end.


AND ITS SOLD! To SoulofIgnorance! Thanks for playing gents! Might be more sticks to sell…