WTS Sex Cowboy's Big Tent Sale: SDCC TE, Pelican Converter, Kuroda DVDs, SBO DVDs and Much Much More


Howdy everyone. In an effort to avoid being on an episode of Hoarders, I’m looking to sell quite a few items that I’ve had lying around. These aren’t your everyday items folks, so now’s your chance to get some of that good stuff.


[S]Copped back in 2009 and used an okay amount (I would have used it more but I prefer the VLX and the VSHG). Definitely not new, but definitely not old. Not quite midlife crisis, I’m ready to cop a sports car’ish, but more like I’ve been working for a few years and almost have all of my student loans paid off’ish. Additionally, the stock ball top has been switched out for the more badass mesh ball top. Looking for $200 shipped.[/S]

//SDCC TE stick has been sold to another fine SRK member. Buy my other stuff!

[S]Pelican PS2 to PS3 Converter[/S]

[S]You’ve probably heard the urban legend about a mysterious PS2 to PS3 converter that ruled them all, and here it is. Not sure why Pelican decided to stop making these, but they did. As such, there aren’t too many going around. I’m looking for $30 shipped for this bad boy.[/S]

//Pelican Converter sssssssssoooooolllllldddddd

[S]Kuroda DVDs[/S]

[S]Copped this set at Game Inn Sakura during a holiday in Tokyo back in 2009. All 17 DVDs are in there, including the Urien DVD Kuroda came out with near the end. (Small note: I vaguely remember the sound being fucked up on one of the DVDs, but in reviewing them I couldn’t figure out which one it was. I thought it was the Akuma DVD, but it turns out the sound is just really low. In any case, the video works on all of them and Kuroda goes Kuroda as expected. So if the sound’s kinda fucked up on one of the DVDs, sorriez!!!) A great set to own if you’re into 3S. $110 shipped.[/S]

//Kuroda DVDs sold out like your favorite indy wrestler goin to the big leagues

SBO 2005 DVDs

The entire 2005 SBO DVD set. Includes GGXX#R, KOF Neowave, VF4FT, T5, [S]SF3:3S and CFJ[/S]. Notable moments include Nin taking a dump on Japan and Mago almost eating it on a front hand spring during the CFJ top 4. [S]These typically retail for around $40-50 a pop, but I’m selling the whole set for $100 shipped.[/S]

//SF3S/CFJ DVD sold.

SBO 2006 DVDs

The entire 2006 SBO DVD set. Includes GGXX/, MBAC, VF4FT, T5DR, KOFXI, NGBC, SSVI, [S]SF33S and the best game ever, HnK[/S]. [S]Looking for $130 shipped.[/S]

//SF3S/HnK DVD sold.

SBO 2007 DVDs

The entire 2007 SBO DVD set. Includes GGXXAC, MBACvB, AH, VF5, T5DR, SCIIIAE, SF33S, HSF2 and KOF98 (small note: the bottom of the DVD case is cracked, but isn’t noticeable). [S]Looking for[/S] [S]$190 shipped.[/S]

SBO 2008 DVDs

The entire 2008 SBO DVD set. Includes T6, VF5R, MBACvB2, GGXXAC, SSF2T, AH2, SF33S and KOF98UM. HnK was also played that year, but unfortunately enterbrain didn’t put a DVD out for it. Something to do with licensing or copyright issues. Or maybe Toki gave someone over there a Fatal KO. Who knows. [S]$170 shipped.[/S]

//SF3S DVD sold.

SBO 2010 DVDs

The entire 2010 SBO DVD set. Includes SFIV, BBCS, [S]SF33S[/S], GGXXAC and T6BR. There were more games played at SBO that year (including classics like Sengoku Basara X) but for some reason these were the only DVDs enterbrain put out. [S]$110 shipped.[/S]

//SF3S DVD sold.

Random Japanese Fighting Games

Fate Unlimited Codes (or, as everyone else lovingly calls it, “FUC”) (PS2)[S], Melty Blood Actress Again (PS2), Sengoku Basara X (PS2)[/S] and Battle Fantasia (PS3). $30 shipped for each.

//MBAA and SBX sold!



The entire 2009 SBO DVD set. Includes footage of SFIV, VF5R, T6BR, [S]SF33S[/S], BB, FUC, GGXXAC, S!AH2 and some other stuff labeled as “etc.” This was the year SBO decided to scale back their DVD production and just include limited amounts of footage (top 4, best bout, etc.) as inserts into Arcadia. [S]$40 shipped for the set.[/S]

//SF3S DVD sold.

Tougeki Spirits DVDs

The entire set of Tougeki Spirits DVDs (12 volumes!). These were included in special issues Arcadia put out as supplemental material for SBO and include notable matches, player interviews and other materials. These are honestly great, and I wish more tournaments on this side of the ocean would put out more material like this. [S]$100 shipped for the set.[/S]

Various Capcom and Namco FG DVDs

Up for sale:

[S]Darkstalkers Combination Cup 1 and 2: Picked up at the old Mi-Ka-Do location in Kabukicho before it closed down. Great items to have for VS fans! [/S][S]$30 shipped each. [/S]//DCC1+2 Sold
Street Fighter IV National Tournament: The first national taken down by that dude Iyo. [S]$30 shipped.[/S]
Tekken 5 BR 5on5: This was an excellent tournament, notable for the intense national showdown between the Japanese and Koreans. This was arguably the tournament that put 200won on the map. [S]$30 shipped.[/S]

Various Guilty Gear DVDs

Up for sale:

SBO '03 GGXX DVD: DVD for Guilty Gear XX at SBO. Includes some other stuff with Arisaka Shinya talking about Daigo or something. [S]$30 shipped.[/S]
A-cho Cup 2 DVD: DVD A-cho put out for its second A-cho Cup. Great GGXX#R tourney. [S]$30 shipped.[/S]
Sega GIGS DVD: DVD for the GGXX/ GIGS tournament thrown by Sega. Notable for Susumu invading Kanto and wrecking shit with dat ninja, Chipp. [S]$30 shipped.[/S]
Wargasm DVD: Can’t even remember what was on here, to be honest with you. A bunch of GGXX/ matches, probably. Likely a bunch of matches or a tournament they put together to hype up GGXX/. Also includes some other promo GGXX/ DVD with Paracelsus printed on it.
Dream Fighter’s Festival 2007: DVD with a bunch of tournaments from the Dream Fighter’s Festival (GGXXAC, HnK, Melty, Arcana). [S]$30 shipped.[/S]
Guilty Gear Tougeki History DVD: A special DVD with a bunch of GG matches from SBO over the years. GG’s almost always amazing during SBO, and this DVD is a nice retrospective. [S]$30 shipped.[/S]

Virtua Fighter DVDs

Up for sale:

Black Book/White Book DVDs: DVDs included with the Black and White Book strategy guides. [S]$30 shipped for both.[/S]
2007 Pre-Beat Tribe Cup Special: Great tournament. Oddly enough, also [S]$30 shipped.[/S]
Kakutou Shinseiki III: The national VF4FT tournament. Well known for Chofu KK Sarah’s blowup after fighting Itazan. (video here!) Itazan staring him down between rounds is too good. Anyhoo, [S]$30 shipped.[/S]
Kakutou Shinseiki IV: The national VF5 tournament. [S]$30 shipped.[/S]

A number of these DVDs were included as inserts to Arcadia or some special mook, but at the moment I’m not including those since they’re buried deep somewhere in my hoardery garage. Plus, it’s just much easier for me not to ship them and I can’t imagine most people would want them. BUT, if you’re one of those people that like to stare at languages you can’t read, let me know and we can work something out.

[S]For the DVD sets I’m currently only selling them as sets, just because it’s easier for me to sell and ship like that. If they don’t sell for a while I’ll start selling them individually. But they’re priced very attractively, so you should absolutely buy them as a set.[/S]

[S]I’ll be putting some more stuff up shortly, mainly other single DVDs and stuff from mooks and magazines (like the SBO 2009 DVDs and the Tougeki Spirits stuff).[/S] The “more stuff” mentioned earlier has been added. Feel free to buy!

If you’re interested in buying multiple items, let me know and we can work out savings on shipping! Yyyyyeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!

If you have any questions or need more pictures or anything like that, please let me know.

EDIT: Pricing options have been updated on the DVDs since no one likes buying in sets. If the DVD(s) is in a box, it’s $25. If it’s just a single-disc (basically anything from a mook or magazine), it’s $15. Shipping is flat at $15 as I usually ship USPS flat-rate with tracking. As such, buy as much as you can so you can save on shipping. Prices aren’t hard, so PM me if you wanna negotiate.


Wow, that Comic Con stick is a steal. Good luck on the sale.


I want that Comic Con stick! I don’t know if I should get it because I just got an EVO stick. Can I get more pictures, especially of any parts that have scratches or what not? Possibly better quality if you can.


PM sent.


Sale of the SDCC TE pending to the fine gentleman above me.


SDCC TE has been sold. Thankfully, there’s still a ton of fine merch in here!


pmed, also hot damn thats a lot of dvds


MBAA and SBX pending to the playa playa above me.


MBAA and SBX are officially sold! This shit is hot folks!


That was super fast shipping man, I LOVE the TE! It made the 3 years of waiting all worth it. Thanks again man!


No problemo amigo, take good care of the stick!


buy from this guy, fastest shipping ever, items better then described.


Sale of the Kuroda DVDs pending to a dude with a Potemkin (bbbbaaaasssssuuutttaaaahhhhh!!!) avatar.


Kuroda DVDs are sssssssooooooollllllddddd. Keep it coming party people.


blows the dust off A few 3S SBO DVDs sold to a fine gentleman. Original post updated with new pricing options!


DCC 1+2 sold to someone with one of the best handles I’ve ever come across.




Thanks for the dvd’s


Got the dvd’s today. Pleasure doing business with you sir and good luck with the rest of your sales!


Although it pains me to see it go, the Pelican PS2 to PS3 converter has been sold. This shit’s hot!