WTS SF III 3rd strike Caps

I’m selling some Street Fighter 3.3 caps, that I asked a local company to produce for me (they are not an official capcom product, in case you wondered).
Initially, I badly wanted to wear some Street Fighter 3.3 clothes, but none was available to the best of my knowledge.

So I went the DIY route, prepared a PDF file that was “printed” embroidered onto the caps by company. The caps themselves are very good quality, 100% wool, thick fabric. The size can be adjusted individually.



White: SOLD OUT (Sold 1 to a UK person)
Beige: SOLD OUT (sold to people and Pootnannies and …)
Red: SOLD OUT (sold to Neopolo and …)
Blue: SOLD OUT (sold to Neopolo and …)
Black: SOLD OUT (Sold to people elsewhere and Zombiewhere and Pootnannies)

Price: 15 EUR for the red cap, all other colors 17 EUR
Shipping cost is 3.5 EUR to Europe Union, 5 EUR to USA, 6 EUR to USA with tracking

Thanks for your attention !

i’d get this if you were USA based. good luck.

Cool cap. I’d get one too if you were USA based.

OK, I checked the shipping costs for the USA, I couldn’t get anything lower than 26.30 EUR for 1 Kg (costs almost twice as much with Fedex). This allows half of the caps to be shipped for the price, so if anyone wants to buy half of my stock and redistribute it locally, I’m fine with it. I won’t be able to compete with chinese free shipping, I’m afraid :frowning:

I forgot to say the 3rd strike logo wasn’t “printed” but embroidered, which is much better quality of course.

i want that Coffee mug!

i’m so tempted to pay that price to ship to US…

instant buy if usa based

Hmm, some SRK bloke bought me a black cap, and I could send it for as low as 3 EUR (not as parcel, hence the low price, and not tracked). The tracked shipping was like 6 EUR (for the main states If I recall correctly). I have no idea if the letter will come to destination, but if it does, I’ll report back here of course ! Stay tuned

My first US customer got his cap (which was sent on 6th july). Here is what he says about it:

“Hey, received my item. Thanks again. The patchwork is great.
If i were to make a suggestion, Id say find deeper fitting hats, or bigger hats. Think polo dad hats (dunno if the have polo in france). Mainly the sides, Which they were deeper to fit my hair, but its till great. If you ever change the hats you use, or make more 3rd strike merch i will buy them all.”

For the sake of transparency, I must say he is the 2nd person to regret not having a deeper hat (the size is fine for me)

how much for the coffee mug?

Sorry, the 3rd strike mug is not for sale

PM sent

US buyer. Mine just came in a day or two ago. It looks great and the shipping was really fast considering how far apart we are. Very responsive and even refunded me the 3 euro’s when he forgot to add tracking.

Two new views of the navy blue cap (forgot to show during all this time !):

And me playing some good ol’ 3rd strike on my cabinet

Special price for the red cap: 15 EUR

Also, a white cap went to the UK

2 caps sold to pootnannies. Black Caps are SOLD OUT !

Any chance more black caps will be made? Definitely interested in buying one. Thanks.

Very very very little hope I’d go for another run, sorry.

if it was a snapback i would be all over it

just got mine in. i love the embroidery! if you ever make another run with deeper fitting hats, i’d buy 2 or 3 of them.