WTS: SF3: 3rd Strike CPS3 pcb (+extras)

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike CPS3 PCB (all cables, simm cards, CDROM drive everything you need to fit into a JAMMA cabinet or SuperGun)


This auction includes a marquee and as an added bonus I’ll throw in a SF3: New Generation system that has everything except the cables (you can swap with the 3S board or use it as spare parts in the future).

The encrytion cart has new batteries that were just installed this year so this deal will work great for the next 5+ years without having to change batteries.

Everything will be safely packaged for shipment with a shipping fee of only $15 anywhere in the continental US. Shipping beyond that will be extra to be determined on an as needed basis depending on destination.

I prefer contact via PM or email to careytedking@yahoo.com

For payment transaction I prefer to use PayPal but other means of payment can be discussed.



american, japanese, asian, version A or b?

Version “A” and it’s Asian.

aw sad ted, no more 3s :frowning:

asian 3s have never gone for 500

someone was selling japanese sets for 421$ shipped a few months ago…

<shrugs> just trying to let you know of what i have seen as of late for pricing.

That was a few months ago and as stated this comes with extra board and CDROM set (or just use it as another game with the installed SF3:NG) and the battery in the cart has recently been exchanged. I can negotiate prices and shipping costs if needed.


Price dropped…

$450 for package offered above…or…

$400 just the 3rd Strike system.

Thanks for looking…