WTS: SF4, SF: Anniversary Collection both with guidebook

Leaving for fighters for some personal reasons. Selling everything SF related.

Up first is my HRAP2 all seimitsu ( LS-32 and PS-14-GN) fair condition works great. $75 shipped without Inpin or $85 shipped with Inpin. - SOLD!!

  1. PS3 SSF4 - Excellent condition. $20 shipped. SOLD!!

  2. PS3 SF4 w/ guide book - Both in great condition. $10 shipped.

  3. Street fighter anniversary collection w/ guidebook as well ( no disc)- both in great condition. $15

Will post pics soon.

Pics :

Hrap2 with inpin - http://i31.tinypic.com/108eadi.jpg

Games - http://i30.tinypic.com/9fxvfn.jpg

Books - http://i27.tinypic.com/2uix4yf.jpg

Also found this Ps2 to 360 converter I’ll throw in for free if you want with the hrap 2 . - http://i27.tinypic.com/2uyrwx5.jpg

Got any pics of the HRAP2?

edit duurr I can’t read

Any chance you’d sell the inpin separately?

Anniversary for ps2 or xbox?

Pics posted.

Jester - If no one wants to buy the Hrap with the Inpin I’ll sell it separately.

Brighenne - PS2

pm sent

Pm sent

PM Sent. I’m local and willing to pick up from you.

Overwhelmed by the PM’s trying to respond asap . Letting you all know ( and those who red this thread ) that there’s a line.

PMed about SSF4

PMEd about ssf4 earlier, but you never answered

HRAP 2 with converters and SSF4 are gone !

Alex how come u didnt pm me for those items. I had pmed u last night.

Did I see that stick at ncr? It’s beautiful

Give me a heads up when it ships.

Price drop.