WTS: sf4 , xbox, joystick bundle (ebay)


im selling my hrap xbox 360 joystick with platronic headset, with an xbox 360 pro, and street fighter 4… starting bid 185.00 buy it right now at 400.00



seems like a good deal good luck btw whats the date on your console? also does that stick have a headset jack? and is that stick all sanwa?


im not sure what date my xbox is… and you would have to open it …but yea it has a headset jack in there…


no you read the back it says the date


good luck kid


Hey man, I sent you a message through ebay. i was wondering when you where going to ship out. (I was winning bidder)


Well, I paid for them item. Contacted through pm. He gave the run around. He never sent the item. Scammed. Do’t buy from this guy. Seems to me he tried to make a quick buck for Evo and felt ripping someone off would be a good idea…


Wow that’s gay I was bidding on this and then I was like I’ll just get a te I brought it too 200 lol he wouldn’t tell me the date on the xbox so I didn’t keep bidding


If you used paypal just open up a claim to get your money back.


Yeah I kinda wanted the Xbox more thne the stick, but figured Id get both. O well shit happens.

I did open a claim, still giving the negative feed back he deserves.


Fellow SRK members scamming each other…not cool…


i contacted him, ill let you know the situation people.


Thanks MegaMan you Rocm My Socks. (No rockman pun intended)


This is what he said


Thanks, though I don’t believe it. It seems fishy from the PM’s after I made the payment. I still belive that he wanted the quick buck for EVO because through PM’s he mentioned being unable to get the money from the paypay account and that being part of the hold up. And the only thing that has come up for him lately has been EVO.

I did get refunded, but I still stand by the fact that what he did was wrong.


Was about to say that I’d be sad to sell all those goodies for only $200. But yeah, look what happened, makes sense now, lol.

That sucks though, good luck at getting your $$$ back Junior!


That makes no sense at all. Why would he no longer be able to ship the stuff and still use all your money? Probably didn’t even have it in the first place.


What a scumbag. It’s a shame to see this kind of behavior from a long time member of SRK. It reflects poorly on all of us who like to sell and buy from fellow SRKers. I really hope this guy gets what’s coming to him.


It is obvious he simply didn’t get the price he wanted. He saw that keeping the items surpassed the benefits ($200) over the costs of negative feedback.

next time use a reserve price. It’s there for a reason.


users like this should be banned from the trading outlet imo