WTS: SFAC stick/ CvS2; 20th Anniversary Optimus



Dual-modded for 360/PS2. Happ buttons and Happ competition stick. Right-most buttons are PS2 only (ask a modder). Start/select are stock. Includes a copy of Capcom vs SNK 2 (PS2) with case/ manual. Asking $150 shipped in the US.


Mint in sealed box 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime. First-run figure. Asking $150 shipped in the US.


Noob ? Can you put sanwa parts in it?

Sent from under my truck while trying to fix pinion angle…


I’m fairly certain. If I remember correctly, the buttons pose no problems but the stick itself is a bit of a hassle.


Willing to split cvs2 from the bundle?


Not currently, but if I don’t make a sale here, I’ll let you know.