WTS: SFAC stick, pcbs and more

I dont play much anymore so i want to get rid of these.

First one is the T5 modded with white seimitsu buttons and ls32-01. Painted the case white. Button soldered onto. used about 1-2 months.i broke of the plate in the t5 stick and drilled top panel to get comfortable height on the stick instead of having it sit low. used to of the screws to mount the ls32 so missing to screws. As is in picture.




This a sfac stick modded with happ parts. P360 and competition buttons. has ps1 dual shock pcb.
Accidently burned a piece of the art with my solder iron and covered it up with a piece of paper. buttons are soldered onto. played like 2-3 weeks sparsley on these parts.

Asking $115 shipped OBO




sony ps1 dualshock. 1 is a solderless and the other you have to hack the ribbon or do the pro hack.
(edit: only the pro hack one available)
Asking $20 shipped OBO.


This is just the case. used has a few bumps nothing big. fits happ buttons and a P360 mounted from the bottom. had a the rubber whte material on the bottom so didnt paint it but lost the bottom cover. As is. has small crack in the plexi nothing big.




how it looked with parts.


Used case only. This case holds seimitsu parts. ls32-01 and seimitsu screw ins.
has a few bump nothing big though. has the plexi also not in picture




how it look with parts.


This is a stick i built a long time ago. has some imperfections and little scratches. Asi is in picture.
Didn’t put a bottom on it. Everthing soldered
PS1 dualshock, P360 and happ comp buttons.
$95 shipped US






damn dude nice t5, lol, shit if you can wait 2 wks from today ill buy your T5 off you.

BUMP. T5 sold.

Dropped price on sfac stick.

bump new stuff added.

$45 shipped for the black case to Cali?

$55 right now but i might go down by the end of the week. problem is i just got owned on shipping the t5 stick.

Black case sold.

Bump. dropped price on white case.


I take PSone DS solderless.

PM send.


Anyone intersted in a pelican real arcade stick modded with happ competition buttons and a brand new happ competiton stick? Let me know and i’ll post pics.

Opips and psychochronic pcbs shipped.

Thanks bud. :tup:

put a new pcb in the sfac stick so it work perfect now.

im interested in that case. can u fit it with some new artwork?

pm sent james123

sold the white case yet?

White case sold.
Sfac still for sell.
Might have modded green goblin for sell. Ill post up pics later.

Bump added modded agetec.

bump added new stick

bump im broke
price dropped on cowboy bebop stick.

cacaking case sent.