WTS: SFAE Stick, SE Stick, QCF Case

Modded Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Stick
Bought from an SRK member about half a year ago and only played with it about twice.
Comes with six convex Happ buttons, Arthong’s plexi with Ryu custom art, and Happ stick. There seems to be a problem with the stick getting stuck in up-left sometimes. Nothing too serious but gets annoying. It’ll be a quick fix though, you can just swap it out for an IL stick which run for about $10. If you purchase this I’ll throw in a BlazePro PS2>XBOX360 Converter with a Rock Band Portable Drum Kit Navigation Panel for easy conversion. SOLD

Street Fighter SE Stick for Xbox 360
Bought this for a friend but he never used it so he just gave it back to me.
Comes with six Violet Sanwa buttons and balltop. Stick and last buttons are stock.
If you want I’ll throw in a Octogate for free. SOLD

8 Button Viewlix Style QCF Case W/Plexi
Bought this during Satek’s last batch before he retired. Haven’t touched it since.

If you have any questions just let me know. If interested or want some more pics just pm me. If shipping is out of country you’ll have to pay the difference. Thanks

hey do you have any idea of old are those sanwa buttons on the SE stick? if you can’t answer that its alright I’ll take the stick

PM sent

Diggin’ that blank case.

If the above transaction doesn’t work out, I’m
Interested in the se stick

OP, check your PM for the SFAE stick.

Hey that’s my SFAE stick!?? haha it never got stuck on me bro. Did you check the connections?? Anyways goodluck! Free bump.

cue16 makes the best SFAE stick mods. I wanted that Championship Edition one you had available awhile back. Anyhow, good luck with the sale. I would buy it but my funds tell me otherwise.

Haha sorry bro I just cant handle going back to American parts.
And I’m pretty sure the stick was fine when I first got it from you
I took it disassembled the whole stick and everything but couldn’t find out what was making it stick
so I just decided the preferred solution would to drop in an IL just never got to it myself

Price drop on SFAE

i know its a long shot, is that shipped to the uk at that price??


mods please close thread