Wts: SFIVps3($25)


I also have a the box art, and month subscription for Marvel Comics.
It’s the box art for Marvel vs Capcom 2 which is really rare. It was sold within hours in Gamestops over in NYC.
$20 Shipped.

SFIV for (ps3)
Amazing condition with case and manual. Not selling with system unless you can make a deal on it/
$25 Shipped!

NOTE: No pictures because my iPhone camera is broken. I have stated this is my sf4 thread which I closed down to put everything on one thread.

Payment Methods:PAYPAL, when using PayPal, send money as Gift.

Thank You!


Big price drop.


AMAZING price i hope someone buys this.


Hey I just peeped your thread, later on today I will PM you about this. I am HIGHLY interested. There is absolutely no chance that you can get pics? Also, this could be a stupid question, is the warranty sticker still intact?



I will send the paypal Friday if you still have it.




The paypal isn’t working for people to send money, so until I get it fixed, Please close.


Happend to me as well copy and pasted the address twice didn’t work so then I typed the whole address and it worked for me two diffrent times hope that helps you seeing that’s how it worked for me


if ppls email account starts with hotmail copy and paste wouldnt work, u have to type it. but other email accounts work fine


Alright, that’s cool. I’ll tell that to the guy who wanted to buy it. So i guess keep the thread up.


pending on counterhit right now for the ps3. games sold except sf4. only sf4 and system is left.


item sold to outgott3n.