WTS: SFxT SE Gems Pack (PS3)



I have a code for SFxT SE gems pack that’s not been activated yet.

I don’t play the game & the code expires tomorrow (9/9/12). The code came with the special edition game set.

I don’t know the price of these code so give me a sensible offer.

I will email you the code once payment is received via. PayPal



You have to put a price on it, per site rules. NEW Updated Rules for Trading Outlet **PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU POST!**

Your reply to this will also put you at the requirement to even sell here, so consider yourself lucky.


Mine says must download by 12/31/2099. Mine is for xbox though which I’m not sure makes a difference?


Ok boss!


The gem pack is for 45 gems & willing to let it go for £6.00 via. PayPal.

It ends at midnight (stupid expiry date)

PM me quick if interested.