WTS: SFxTekken VS Wood side panel inserts x2 price drop


I have for sale 2 sets of maple Side wood inserts for a SFxTekken VS stick. One is 1/8th inch thick and the other one is 1/16th inch thick and Comes with longer bolts (x8) incase the defaults are not long enough. (requires a 2.5mm hex key).

Both of these pieces have been sanded down smooth and wiped down with an oil varnish, allowed to dry for a day or two, repeated this process 5 times over two weeks to give it a glossy surface

$25 each Shipped inside USA

On the far left is the 1/4 inch replacement sides. It has been polished but not as nicely. I am not sure when I am going to get around to finishing them or making the corner pieces, but if you want to buy them as is, $25 if you want those as is.

Left pair: Replacement sides, Center pair: 1/8 inserts, Right Pair: 1/16 inserts.

The 1/8in thick one is more figured and the reflects the light more brilliantly. The side inserts come with extended bolts, because the defaults are not long enough. Requires a 2.5 mm hex key.

Inserted into the side pieces.


these are pretty slick. i’ll be keeping an eye out for a price drop…


added items and a price drop.


knocked $5 off the price.