WTS Shadaloo.eu Custom casings and sticks

Hey guys, Jinxz here from Shadaloo.eu. Some of you might know me from the trading post topic for the aluminum feet. Some others might allready know our site Shadaloo.eu.
We offer all kinds of arcade parts and sticks, pre-built and custom built. To make it easier to build your own custom stick and give you an instant price we’ve build a stick configurator on the website. It lets you build a custom stick in 13 easy steps including the option to apply your own artwork.
Here are some of our builds:


Enough with the promo :wink:

Lately we’ve introduced custom airbrushed casings as DIY kits. So you don’t pay for stick, buttons, PCB, cables etc. and you can still build that one-off fightstick. All the kits come with the casing, 2 plexi plates, a button plate, aluminum feet and the necessary nuts & bolts. The nuts will be integrated in the feet so your use the aluminum feet as thumbscrews to open the case without any tools :wink:
We’ve decided to build the custom airbrushed cases as limited editions. They will be signed, numbered and limited to 20 pieces.

Every case is made from hardened wood and covered in an epoxy to get an even harder surface and smoother finish. The non-limited editions are painted by a professional car painter in black or white. The finish is almost factory grade. The limited editions are also from hardened wood and covered in the epoxy but afterwards airbrushed by hand and clearcoated afterwards.
The front buttons are sunk into the casing and are best filled with snap-in buttons like the Sanwa OBSF.

Here are the current casings:

Limited edition: Digital Camo case kit - $199 shipped (US / Canada)


Limited edition: Inferno case kit - $199 shipped (US / Canada)

Youtube presentation of the Inferno case : YouTube - ShadalooEU’s Channel


Limited edition: Red Bastard! case kit - $199 shipped (US / Canada)


Black case kit - $139 shipped (US / Canada)


White case kit - $139 shipped (US / Canada)


For shipments to other parts of the world or any other question or remark just send me a PM.

The case kits are also on Shadaloo.eu, but to give SRK members some discount i’ve cut the shipment costs in half for the LE cases and 25% discount on shipment for the non LE kits.

man that inferno case is dope. GLWS sale!

Ihiryu thanks. The Inferno goes great with characters like Ken, Adon etc. The latest sale of the case was for a custom Adon stick. It looked pretty sweet :wink:

You guys dont drill the holes in the cases eh? I’d like to buy one of these when I move to WA since I wont have my tools. Not plannin on ending this anytime soon are you?

CaptRich, I normally sell these without drilling the holes but for SRK members i’ll make an exception. I can drill holes Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-32-01 sticks. The best button for these casings are the Seimitsu screw in buttons like the PS-14-KN. Seimitsu has a bit more thread on the button to fit them in.
Just tell me what your gonna use and in which layout (slagcoin) you want to use them in.

I started working on another kit. It’s called “Too Evil”.


That case gives me a boner.

Here is a picture of a stick that i’ve designed for a customer so he could see it before he ordered it. I’ll post the pics of the stick in the COMNAS when i actually build it in a couple of days.


And here are some designs i just randomly did :wink:

Mario BadAss:


It would be just wayy to cool if you did a mario stick and you know how you did the too evil stick you can do the same thing but just mario jumping on a turtle or something…And your def the guys im going to for custom sticks

Regarding the last 3 designs, I went ahead and ordered all 3 artworks from my local printer. I really want to build all 3 :wink: allthough just 1 is actually ordered by a customer.

Could you show a pic of how the stick is mounted? also how much for a black case shipped to UK?

Shipping to the UK would save you $10 on the kit-price. So the black kit would cost 119$.

Here is the button plate with the JLF-plate mounted. We drill a 80mm hole and cut out the shape of the plate on top. Then drill the holes through the mounting holes of the plate.


The best result is to make the screws flush with the plate by drilling the holes 45degrees


Very nice work. I want to buy a black case kit when I have some spare money later this month. :smiley:

Thanks for the comment! Yeah, i’m gonna do some more airbrushings like the too evil soon :wink:

Here is another design based on the Inferno.
Fei Long FTW :wink:


Nice work there sir.

Can the mounting be made to fit a seimitsu MS plate so it can mount an LS-56? I know it uses the same mounting holes as the JLF but I’m not sure about the size and shape of the plate. I will be ordering my MS plate soon so I’ll be able to provide more info then.

wow i wish i had some money for that camo case. that is bad ass. awesome work.

I’ve done some measuring and as far as i can measure it looks like no prob to mount the LS-56. The measurments are based on the these schematics. I’ll do some drilling later today to doublecheck and take some pics to post.