WTS: SHSL Mods - Durham/Toronto Modding Services


I think it’s about time I made a thread for myself.

My name is Matthew Flores. I’m located in Ajax, Ontario and just graduated from high school.

I’ve been doing arcade stick modifications as mostly a hobby and somewhat of a side job for about a year now. The odds haven’t really been in my favour with job hunting, but I figured I couldn’t go on for much longer without some sort of a more stable income. With that being said, while I’m not giving up on finding a real job entirely, I’m going to put more effort into establishing and advertising myself as a modder; not just for the money, but also the experience.

Although I am currently based in Ajax, there are several other places where I can meet customers. I’ve visited UOIT before on modding business, I visit A&C Games in Toronto quite frequently, and come September I’ll be attending York University. If you’re a little further out than those areas, I might be able to arrange for a ride to meet you half way (though you coming to me is always something I prefer). I’m fine with things being shipped as well, as long as buyer pays both ways.

I can do just about anything that doesn’t involve wood work (though I plan to add wood working to my repertoire later on). This includes pad hacks, dual mods, LED mods, etc. Basically stuff that involves a soldering iron and/or wires, but please note that I cannot guarantee that I will be able to retain all aux functions like LS/DP/RS switching, Turbo functions, L3/R3 buttons, touchpads, etc. I can do art swaps, but I won’t be printing artwork or providing plexi. I’ll simply be doing the installation if you don’t want to do it yourself. Also, please keep in mind that most mods void warranty, and I am not responsible if you break something later on and can’t get the manufacturer to fix it for you (of course, I can also do most repairs myself).

Turnaround time (not counting time it takes for parts to arrive if they need to be ordered) is usually no more than 2 days, but I usually ask for a week incase I find I need to make a trip to a hardware store to buy more wire, resistors or other miscellaneous items necessary to complete the mod. If the job gets done earlier then I’ll let you know immediately.

The amount I charge varies depending on the job. Here’s a Google Sheet with my services and fees (message me if you have inquiries about having multiple services done at once and I’ll figure out a more suitable fee).

There are two things about hiring me that are constant.

[] The cost of parts (e.g. PCBs, buttons, joysticks, art+plexi) must be paid upfront if you want me to order it for you. If you’re ordering parts yourself and then giving them to me to do my work, then ignore this.
] The cost of labour (i.e. paying me for my services) can be paid upon returning the modded stick. However, I will not return a stick that I have worked on until I am paid for the time I spent working on it. If the work I’ve done is reversible and you want me to return the stick and parts to you as they were before I began work on them, I will un-mod the stick and return everything to you for an additional undo fee. Sorry, but if I’m gonna finish a mod and then have to undo it, I need compensation for the time I wasted. If the work I’ve done is irreversible in any way, then I apologize, but you’re just gonna have to pay for the mod.

lf you have any questions or want to arrange for service, you can either PM me here or reach me by e-mail via shsl.mods@gmail.com. I’m also on Twitter @BolSadguy if you want to just tweet your questions out to me. In addition, I have a portfolio of past mods available on request.

Thanks for reading!

EDIT - 8/9/2016: Added service spreadsheet among other things.