WTS: Signed World Warrior Stick Bag


EDIT: Stick Sold. Bag left.

I’m selling a Broken Tier stick bag is signed by a huge pile of people. Everyone from Yipes, to Wolfkrone, to RF and Kindevu, to Mago and Daigo, to Valle and Choi, to Poongko, and more. I can definitely name and point them all out if you’re interested. I have the first world problem of having bought the VS stick and it being to big for this bag. :stuck_out_tongue: Looking for 50 shipped on it. It’s in fantastic condition, and has rarely been used.




Bump. Price drop to 180 on the Chun Stick. Offer on the bag.


If I didnt already have 2 chuns 1 modded and 1 bonestock still in box id buy it that’s a great deal


You should buy it anyway. :wink:


Yo what the hell? You KNOW this stick belongs with me. I can’t believe you’re whoring my girl out on the forum.


Lol. If you still want it, it IS still for sale. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey man, I have the red SFXT stick! Do you want to trade it for the Chun-Li stick? I used it for about 3 weeks, but it’s in excellent condition.
I don’t have any pictures to show it to you since I’m studying right now in Mexico, but I’ll be back home on March 11th. I can ship it to you first thing
I get there if you down for it. Also…is there anyway for you to install the last two buttons by any chance? If not I guess it’s okay (I play Tekken, UMVC3, Street fighter, and SFXT)


DAMN I have a red sf x tekken stick in prefect condition but I need an xbox chun li te. God damn.


Would your chun li te (bonestock) happen to be for xbox.


No ps3 lol


DAMNNN. Btw do I need to be a 6 month member to buy it not post a thread just buy from a thread already made.


The rule for six months is to be able to make any post in the Trading Outlet to sell things, but from my understanding you can still buy things if you haven’t made the 6 months yet.


how about a price on the bag?25 shipped?


Would anyone happen to know someone trying to sell an xbox chun li te?


Vicko might have one… If not why not buy a ps3 one n get it dual modded


I would buy a modded one but I’d rather have a new one and once I get my sticks I prefer not to mod them/ change the art. If I need a dual modded stick I’ll buy it dual modded. BTW were can I contact vicko.


BUMP. Stick Sold. Bag left. Hit me up!