WTS: Silent Joystick Sanwa available (JLF-TRG-8YTH-SK)



Available NOW price 70€ + Shipping
New super silent joystick sanwa.
Features :

  • Includes harness conversion that can be easily replaced its lever JLF stick or any peripheral that I had previously installed a joystick, thanks to harness this process can be carried out without problems or lack of advanced knowledge. With these typical joystick is removed ticking sound that brought the earlier models of this and other brands of joystick, thanks to its new and unique silent microswicth this product is 100% original and is only authorized for sale to dealers
  • The joystick comes with a ball top section of the model LB-35 available in the following colors: green, blue, navy, purple, white, smoke-colored (gray), black, yellow, vermilion, orange, red and pink.



Need a price, and how would you connect this with out the traditional connector pins?


the price is now available in this post. To purchase visit the page www.nsdp.com.es shipping costs are calculated not have to send a private email I calculate it.


Holy shit that price! I’ll stick to the loud jlf for $20 lol


If you want to wait I understand but note that only 75 € would have his bat in U.S. a greeting

If you think that’s reasonable but can not compare these technologies with JLF sticks simple. I think you try a little before you speak a greeting


Isn’t 75 Euro 92 dollars though?


what kind of microswitches does this use?


what is my trade is rather oriented to Europe because the euro is stronger than the dollar but I always try to give the option. I feel that this product does not like a greeting.