WTS Silver PSP 2000 Mint (w/ sf alpha 3) + Lot of CDs

PSP 2000 Silver - Comes with an official sony soft case, Daxter, and Street Fighter Alpha 3. Mint
75 Shipped

*I’m looking for the adaptor. If I can’t find it, I’ll sell this for 70.

Lot of CD’S Buy all for $20 + shipping or each for:

Blink 182 Greatest Hits: $5
Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business: $5
The Game - The documentary: $5
Dem Franchize Boyz - On top of our game: $3
G Unit - Beg for Mercy: $5
Eminem - Encore: $5
Bobby Valentino - Self Titled: $3

What version 2000 and what firmware? Is it pre-Madden edition and can be modded?

i thought all versions other than 3k can be modded.

No idea. Haven’t it touched it much. Haven’t even connected it to my computer, so it comes with hella old firmware. It can for sure be modded.

All PSP’s that came out after the Madden editions were tweaked to not allow Pandora modifications, I believe.

All PSP’s can be modded, especially the 3K. 3K has the easiest and least time consuming mod of them all.

EDIT: I know from experience.

This is most definitely true. I wish I had the funds to take it off your hands as a friend of mine needs a mod able psp.

Really? News to me, its been quite a while since I’ve looked though. Do the new psp’s run a custom firmware or is it like the old homebrew enablers(HEN) we had in the past?
Anyway, $75 is an awesome price, someone grab this before I go ahead and buy a fourth one myself. Everyone needs one of these just to carry Marvel Super Heroes with them wherever they go.

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