WTS: SimpleCase stick enclosure

Arcade stick enclosure made by simplecase for $160 + shipping. It comes with all the parts (sanwa buttons, sanwa jlf - with black mesh ball top, neutrik RJ-45 adapter) as shown in the pictures. This does not have any PCB. Bought this thinking of making a multi-console arcade stick and waiting for AKISHOP to make a ps360+ with ps4 support. I am relocating now and would like to get rid of some items. The arcade stick is very very well made and it’s a shame Nitewalker is gone. I personally prefer wooden sticks.

  • I can also add a USB neutrik adapter and an rj-45 to USB cable at no extra cost.





added ArcadePC arcade stick enclosure.

taking best offers

Would you be willing to sell the case without the parts?

I would consider selling the case without the parts depending on the offer, but I really really prefer to sell it with the parts because I will have no use of them otherwise…

I have another set of sanwa JLF and sanwa buttons I bought because I was expecting another case from NiteWalker but never heard back…

sold ArcadePC Chun-li stick enclosure.

Chun Li stick came in today

This thing is gorgeous.
Can’t wait to get a Brooks board in there so I can have an all in one stick.
Thanks for the smooth transaction.

And someone better buy that Ken one quick or I could be back for it.

Glad you love it! Please take good care of it :slight_smile:

sold MGSV: TPP