WTS: Six blue/black Seimitsu 30mm buttons, brand new


Hello all.

This thread is to sell SIX “Seimitsu PS-14-G-BLK, BLUE” buttons.
Modchipman is currently out of stock on these, so buying them from me is probably the fastest way to get them right now.
These are SNAP IN buttons, not screw in.

They are the standard 30mm buttons from Seimitsu, with the blue plunger and black outer ring. They are not the transparent “skeleton” buttons, they are the solid color kind.

I bought them brand new from Modchipman but then changed my mind for the direction of the build…and now I won’t need them.

These buttons are $2.99 each from modchipman, coming to a total of $18 for the set.
In hopes of selling them, I am asking for $15 (edit price reduction) which includes USPS Priority Shipping to the USA only. This will save you a few dollars off the cost of ordering these new from MCM or any other vendor.**

No international orders please.

Payment must be either cash (its ok to mail $15, I’ve done it many times) or a USPS Money Order, which you can get from any post office for about $1 in fees.


6 Seimitsu PS-14-G-BLK, BLUE buttons. (Blue plunger, black ring)
Buttons are SNAP IN, 30mm standard size.
Buttons are brand new, never used.
Price: $15 (includes USPS Priority Shipping to usa only)
Payment: Cash or USPS Money Order**

Buttons will ship out to you the same day I receive payment.


Ok 71 views and no hits.

Reducing price to $15 shipped.

If they don’t sell at this price, I’ll just keep them.


that’s a great price. if they were gn’s i’d jump all over them.