WTS Slightly Modded PS3 Chun Li TE

So this is a Chun Li TE for PS3 with some slight cosmetic mods. I bought it used, cleaned it up and modded it but it was in pretty good shape when I first got it:

-Plexiglass top panel from Tek Innovations
-Plexiglass bottom panel and artwork, also from Tek
-Replacement SRK arrow style dustwasher
-All face buttons replaced with brand new ones
-One set of new TE screws in case you want to replace the old ones
-Have the original box

The only issue with it is that something is wrong with the screwhole for the top middle screw. I have no idea what this is but it might be fixable it might not be, either way I held the screw down with a small amount of plumbers putty. This means that you can easily remove it with a hex key wrench but it will not just fall out on its own (plumbers putty is very strong!). If you never want to change the internal parts or remove the art on the top it wont cause you any problems, if you do you probably know enough to fix the problem yourself.

$175 Shipped
Normally I wouldn’t charge so much but I’ve put serious money and time into this. It was going to be my main stick, but since getting a B15 I just don’t need it anymore seeing as I have a lot of ps3 sticks and only have room for one big expensive one.

Looking for some combination of money and trades. I’m always looking for cool sticks, cases and parts.



Sorry, was sick with food poisoning today but am responding now.

pm sent

still up for sale?

is this sold?

Still available, just PM me


How did you replace that plexi? did you peel the original plastic off the art?