WTS: Slim Tiger Hit Box Arcade Stick Combo

Slim Tiger Maple case.
Change control panels whenever you like between hit box and arcade style.
Comes with 2 control panels with plexi, NAUSB, and bottom feet only. No buttons, bat-top or pcb. Will be shipped with hit box control panel assembled.
Arcade contol panel accepts LS-33 joystick only. (not included)
120$ Shipped

1 Seimitsu LS-32 Round Restrictor Plate–5$ shipped

I have 1 PS2 cord:
1 Red from a SFAC Ryu pad–6$ shipped

Paypal Only
Shipping to lower 48 States (unless you are willing to pay the extra shipping costs)

Will consider trading for:
Arcade Sticks
Other Cool Shit

Yellow Sanwa Bat-top sold to meus
6 Dark Hai OBSF’s sold to jamespooop
Black Dualshock Cord sold to Ikagi-Chan
Pink Meshball traded to W00P MstR FresH
Sanwa Octogate sold to Minotaur64
XBOX 360 console (broken) sold to hakdizzle
360 Fightpad PCB sold to hakdizzle
Agetec Dreamcast PCB sold to Kingbuzzo
Forza 3 & Halo ODST traded to meus
Slim Red Tiger Maple case sold to Fayk
Paduak custom traded to meus
Namco sold to meus
Pioneer DEH P6000UB sold to Baron Rana

Price Drop

u need odst for the reach beta and it is boss

price drop

Added some items

I’ll take that DualShock 2 cord if nobody’s claimed it. Also, Raoul Duke, what is the origins of your avatar? He looks really damn hip!

lol pm’d back
Its Dolemite, he has a army of kung fu killer bee’s.

New item added

i’ll buy the restrictor plate for $7, pm me your paypal.

PM sent

Price drop!

New items added. Help a brother out!

New Custom Stick Item Added

Price Drops

More price drops :slight_smile:

Added Madcatz Round 2 Keychain

Items Added & Price Drop

Added Best Buy gift card.

Willing to sell the case without pcb, joystick, & buttons.

could you do $10 for the BB giftcard. (also im not sure if im allegiable to B/T yet so if not just delete post :D)