WTS @SMASHerJOSH's Internet Garage Sale


Hey guys! I am trying to sell everything and anything that I CAN sell (shipping depends on how much you buy and how large the items are), because I really need money to buy Christmas presents. As you see, there are many random things, but anything helps, So please help out, thanks!

Battlefield 3 (x2)
—Limited Edition (used online pass)- $30
—Standard Edition (brand new)- $40 shipped
----Online pass for BF3-$7 (I’ll message you the code as soon as you pay)

Gunnar MLG Legend (camo) w/ carrying case- $60

Assassin’s Creed Revelations (unopened) - $40 shipped


Xbox 360 games (All of them are in excellent Condition)
Call of Duty Black Ops- sold
Marvel vs. Capcom 3- sold
Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (limited edition)- $5
Perfect Dark Zero- $5
Street Fighter IV- $5 (not original case)

Razer Onza Tournament Edition (missing up D-pad button since I moved)

VHS (all work [not sure about Batman and Robin])- $3 each, all of them for $35
Lion King
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Dunston Checks In
Beauty and the Beast
Baby’s Day Out
Blank Check
The Nutcracker Prince
The Rudolph, Frosty and Friends sing along
Top Gun
Starsky and Hutch
Batman and Robin (not sure if it works)
Pulp Fiction
The Secret Garden
The Pinoy Boxing Era (Filipino Boxing Documentary)

Red Ringed Xbox 360 (not working)

Books (both in very good condition):
Fast Food Nation-$5
The Tao of Bruce Lee (hardback)- $5

4 unused Duracell D Batteries-$3

50 ft ethernet cables (white) x2- $5 each
50 ft ethernet cable (blue) [the ends don’t lock/hook, but the connection still works)-$2

Astro Mixmp USB Power Cable (USB-A to Mini USB-B)-$5

16 feet Xlrf to 1/4 inch guitar cable (microphone cable [female] to 7 mm guitar cable) x2- $5 each


Interested in the Xbox. What year was it/what does it come with? Also how much is shipping?




will you ship the 16 feet Xlrf to 1/4 inch guitar cable to canada?




Prices changed, added BF3 online pass.


How much for the 360 shipped to 18102


how much for both 50ft eternet cable shipped to 36107


Do you still have that bf3? I’ll take the limited edition and online pass if you have it.


Pm’d all of you.


How much for 1x white Ethernet cable shipped to 84045?


Can I buy a 50ft ethernet cable to 68164? I’ll buy 2 if you have them.


Added Assassin’s Creed Revelations