Yes. I am looking to sell my SNES console along with all of my games for it. I am hoping to get $25 for the system itself. It comes with two controllers, RF Switch & AC Adapter.

Games collection is as follows. All games are used, cartridge only, with the exception of Tecmo Super Bowl, which comes complete in box.

Final Fantasy III $50
Secret of Mana $40
Super Castlevania IV $15
Super Mario Kart $15

Tecmo Super Bowl $10


KOF XII + guide for $20?!

which console and in what condition, may I ask?


PlayStation 3 and in damn near perfect condition, I played the game a grand total of two times and the guide has only been flipped through a few times. Word of warning through - I already received a PM about this item. :frowning:


Payment sent for Mario RPG and NBA JAM.:nunchuck:


And games were edited out of the list accordingly. :nunchuck:

I work tomorrow, so I’ll most likely not be able to send the package out until Saturday.


Thanks for the heads up, but you can go ahead and let it go. I have a friend with a 360 I was looking to get a cheap copy for.

That is an amazing deal for whoever gets it!


Buckley do you still have the KOFII game? Damn the ranbats for making me miss this if you don’t have it.


'Fraid not, I received payment for it & mailed it out today.


dude, wtf, I would’ve bought it from you, I am however, interested in some of your SNES games though. Hit me up, you know where to find me


I actually don’t have your number man! Just PM me and we might be able to meet up this weekend. I’m staying in the area all three days.



Added pictures to the first post.