Wts: Socal madcatz te cheap! (ps3)


Im selling my PS3 Madcatz TE since i just switched to playing on the xbox.

asking $70 picked up or $85 shipped. i have a round two box i can ship it in if needed.

also have a copy of SSF4 for the PS3 for $10 or $14 shipped


Do you already have an XB360 stick? I’d be willing to do a straight up XB360 TE stick + SSF4 trade with you. I’m also local to you, so we can arrange a meet-up.


I already have a round 2 stick and game. I just need to sell this. Thanks for the offer though :).


if your looking for a T.E stick for the ps3 i have one for sale.


Mine is cheaper :wink:


shingouki - if you’re attending the tourney at Legendary Lotus this weekend, I can get it from you then.



Unfortunately I won’t attend. I can meet you as far as torrance if you want to meet up.


Lol true




Interested in the stick and the game if you still have it. Sent you a pm


Daily bump, both items still available.


Sent you a message, definitely interested in buying.


all pm’s replied to :slight_smile:


stick sold yo Inhrt