WTS-Socom4/Killzone3/Crysis2- Great condition

Not interested in trades at this time.

All games in excellent condition. Games played only a few times.
Socom 4- $30 shipped
Killzone 3- $30 shipped
Crysis 2- $30 shipped


what’s the system software version?

What’s funny?

pm sent also…

replied to all pms…Ill post the software version in a bit

sounds good.

PS3 System software is 3.61

thx for the 411.

Price Drops and Items Added.

What is the SKU # on the ps3?


2 Questions:
HDMI cable on the PS3? Is SE stick for PS3?

The PS3 ships with component cables and yes the SE stick is for PS3

new items

Goddamn, you put up the stick right after I bought a modded one yesterday… GRRR

what part of ny are you located at? i’ll probably take the ps3 if local pickup is an available

My bad I have to change my profile I just moved to Socal

Dang, I’m in the process of moving myself which is why having something sent atm isn’t too convenient. If its still for sale in two weeks after I settled in my new place then ill try again

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I sent you a PM yesterday at 3, but apparently you didn’t get it.

I definitely want that PS3. Send me your paypal address and we’ll do business…

Sent you a PM Nochart. SE Stick sold and Cowon S9 sold.

I don’t know how to send a PM but I sent you a conversation.

Requesting for MvC3 PS3, if you still have it available.

payment sent for marvel vs capcom 3 for ps3 thanks again