WTS:[SOLD]Brand new custom seimitsu joystick, [AVAIL] p360/comp mas joystick

I am looking to get rid of some of my surplus product from this hobby (pricing is negotiable). They are both brand new top of the line and have only been used to verify that they work. I repeat, these are BRAND NEW. I personally went to MAS systems creators (he’s an ex-engineer believe it or not) house and waited for him to make it.
The first joystick was made by gostik, japanese style. Seimitsu LS-32 stick, Seimitsu buttons, ps1 digital PCB. I paid $220 originally for this stick, and I’m only asking for $180.



The second stick is from MAS systems. It’s a perfect360 controller with competition buttons made for the playstation. As previously stated, I went to his house and waited over 5 hours for him to make mine.
Important: **The SPRING had been removed from the joystick **so that I could try it out in my anniversary competition joystick. So whoever buys this needs to put the joystick back together, I don’t have the time or patience, I’ve kept EVERY part though. I found the spring to be too hard for my competition anniversary stick and so I let it go. This being said, all the soldering points are still attached and there is NO soldering involved in putting the joystick back together. See photos for a clearer understanding…

This joystick is available for $165.



Why, do you ask would I part with such quality products? Well, here is a pic of a custom box I built for the anniversary. I’ve gotten so spoiled with this that I can’t play on anything else…the others were collecting dust. :rofl:


Please reply in pm with any serious offers or questions. Thank you

paypal account: mrcalisf@yahoo.com

any shipping rules?

that blue stick is gorgeous.

Blue stick has been reserved until Friday. It will either be sold or available once again. :wgrin:

Did the gostik get repaired?


Bump* Sticks still available =)

lol damn if these sticks are available next month ill be buying one possibly both but ill just have to wait and see though since i dont have the cash on me right now since i havent receive my income for some reason lol

lol at you going to that dudes house.

looks at the blue stick…hmmmm that blue stick is sexy, still available? :wgrin: