Wts:sold, mods please close

Bought only the case from ecKsniNe in June of 09’ discounted because of the grain sinking into the wood in the back. Wiring was done by me. I have lots of sticks but I’m sad to let this go:sad:.

My eBay info and rep. http://myworld.ebay.com/kubebot

Complete = $180 Free UPS cont. US. SOLD
The stick comes with the following
-Artwork of Sabertooth (can be removed)
-6 Sanwa screw in buttons (2 white, 2 yellow, 2 orange)
-1 DualShock 3 PCB
-1 NAUSB reversed in button hole order to accommodate for charging/syncing
-Choice of joystick
*LS-32/S plate fitted w/ 10mm copper crush washer to reduce pivot jump see pic (round gate included if preferred)
*LS-40/S plate
*JLF/Flate plate (octogate included if preferred)
-Choice of Balltop color
*Dark Hai

The panel is 1/2" thick MDF designed to natively fit JLF, LS-32 and LS 40. The layout is spaced Astro City.

Shipping is FREE with UPS in the continental United States. If not in cont. US maybe we can work out a deal.

I bet it would look pimp with that orange balltop. Good luck, Sabertooth stick is hot.

Thanks, good idea. Added pics with yellow and orange balltops.

…selling case by itself as an option.

Price drop on complete stick…
Adding DualShock 3 pcb w/ Axisdapter as a solo option.

Yeh dude, dope with the orange balltop, no one biting on this yet?


if you are interested in separating the pcb from the six axis adapter. I want the pcb only.

Payment sent and Pm with shipping info as well.

Pm’d back…SOLD!

I think you can go into Advance and hit Delete

Don’t delete. Ever. This is going to be used for the feedback system as well as proof of the transaction if ever it goes south.