Wts: Sold sold sold



Yo, i’m selling my first Fightstick.
It’s a SE Madcatz stick modded with full Sanwa buttons and a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick.

It also has some Juri art on it.

I’m selling this for 65 US $ it’ll be about 8-10 Dollars for the shipping.

If interested just say so, I accept payment through Paypal.





Wha!? That’s pretty nice. Why are you selling it though?


My TE stick is a lot more sexy, and plus i’m trying to get that 23 inch Asus monitor for gaming.


Bump with new price


WOW, and those are sanwa parts? i would buy it but I only have a PS3. Good Luck with the sale.


Dang, kinda want this…but … must…resist.

Bump for a really good deal.


id buy it if i lived in the states, shipping would kill the deal…plus i don’t even have time to play street fighter anymore…great deal though.


$35 bucks shipped? 7 months since registration?

Nuh-uh, this is too good to be true and just smells of someone bitching on the wall of shame thread pretty soon.

But who knows…


Pmed. I’ll take it.


good deal but i gotta start looking at feedback more. is that you in the av? oh and you want to put the system its for next time.


Payment sent.


LoL @ Jubei @ is that you in the AV!?

Good Job on the Sale & Buy @ Juri & Liquid.


Thanks man.