Wts : Sold U____U

Sup everyone I selling my last wave of sticks.

One HRAP 3 SA - Good condition, cord a lil messed up in the back part. $50 shipped . SOLD!!!

Next is a Mad Catz SE stick - brand new basically ,6 Sanwa Buttons, stock stick. $40 shipped. SOLD!!

Hrap 3 sa is all sanwa right? Take $40 for it if I pick it up?

Sure I’ll take that.

Man, I thought you meant HRAP 3 SE, not Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick.

:u: lol fixed my bad

Holy crap, If only I was here faster!

yea i pm’d him a little to late a lil while ago thats a great price

guess ibeatu didnt beat him that time. ZING!

:slight_smile: its all good i happy with the 2 mint namcos ill have this week

Just like that HRAP 3 SA is gone! Ibeatu came a lil late :cybot:

yea lol those purple n pink buttons in the se?

yea they are I still have the original buttons somewhere. Perfect for Juri artwork :wink:

payment sent.


Holy crap this went by fast, I was expecting for it to last a few days :rofl::rofl:

thx SRK <3