Wts: Sold


20gb ps3 - SOLD
killzone 2 - SOLD
Ratchet and clank - SOLD

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand
$15 Shipped


PayPal Only!
Thank You!


When did you buy it? Any warranty info?


It’s working fine, I don’t know much about the warranty. I’ve had it for about a year, and it works awesome!


I don’t need it, but have you posted it up on Craigslist? If not, might be a good place to post it if you need it sold ASAP.


I like SRK better since I have good feedback and I don’t want actual cash, lol. I always like to have PayPal since it’s so secure!



Hell yes UL: Dark Kingdom.


Buy everything! LOL plz!1


Pm’d, but its going to be a gift, I need to know that cosmetically it has no damage at all. I can’t give someone a ps3 for their birthday and it be scratched up.


it does not have much visible scratches, the controller has a tiny plastic piece thats. That’s why I put “okay” shape. Im very honest when I post things. It works great, I can actually make a video of it and show you me playing killzone 2 with the controller if your really that worried about cosmetic condition.


PM’d back.




What kind of discount could I get if I took both?


no discount. I’m already losing money on shipping lol.


great prices these will fly


Thanks Al. Got any 360 Games u got for sale?


Okay guys, Meus apparently is a dead beat buyer. He never responds to PMs. It’s still up For Sale!


PMed about Killzone 2


pm’d back.