WTS: Some free parts and Nubytech guts


Trying to get rid of some stock of parts I gutted from various sticks. I am also trying to sell the guts of a Nubytech SF Anniversary stick I modded.


[S]Selling for $25 shipped[/S]. Forget it. This is free before shipping too, now. This is the Xbox/PSX pcb from the Nubytech. Included is everything that connects to the PCB. The memory slot, the buttons/stick connectors (not standard QDs) and the system cable.


These are the Nubytech stock parts. 8 action buttons and the stick. These are free before shipping.


These are the parts from the wooden stick from etokki.com. They are free before shipping.



These are PSX PCBs from old school Hori Soul Calibur II sticks. I already cut the cables to use them for Cthulhu cables. I do not know the cable pin out. They also have some microswitches attached to them. There is some additional 4 microswitches of the same kind included. Free before sipping.


how can i get my hands on the fanta and etokki parts?


Ahhh, was interested in the buttons, but R2J beat me to it. Damn.


Bump for Xbox/PSX PCB is now free. Changed my mind, I don’t care enough for it to sell it.