WTS some game stuff (games, preorder thingies,)

This stuff is cluttering up my mini game closet so time to get rid of it! Offers are welcome, shipping is already included in the price.

  1. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete…or not so complete! Everything is there except the soundtrack, ugh. The 3 CD’s and the Making of Lunar 2 are good. Has the instruction booklet, the paper standee things, the map and the little bag with Lucia’s pendant. What can I say, I love Lunar:SSSC better! SOLD

  2. BlazBlue Bonus Disc: Make me an offer+3 bucks shipping. http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c214/tornadot/DSCF0003.jpg

  3. Soul Calibur 4 Premium Edition box: Comes with the special tin casing (TIN) with the shirt (Still wrapped, never opened), poster and comic book/mini art book. Game and the little card with the special content key, not included. SOLD.

  4. Parasite Eve: Black label copy comes with both game discs. Does not come with the bonus discs with the demos and such. Does have the manual and game does work! SOLD

Looking for:
PS2-PS3 adapter
Retro games (SNES/N64 just about covers it!)

Pics are coming, give me a few.

5$ for the Ties that bind DVD?

I can do that. Forgot the soundtrack is in there as well. So yea, soundtrack is still in there with the Blu Ray.

Oh, is it for PS3 ? I did’nt look at the pics. What the hell i will take it anyway. ( I don’t have a Blue Ray player)
PM me you paypal info

Trades for that SCIV extras?

Sorry, already claimed.

Post updated, price dropped on Lunar.

payment sent for The Ties That Bind blueray.

Hey whats up?I just got my stuff today.Your Inbox is full so I cant message you.Thank you for shiping to me.

Sorry inbox cleared and you’re welcome!