WTS: Some PS3 Games

Hello Fellow SRKers I have just 2 PS3 games that I want to sell as of right now, but later might update with a few more. I only Played the games once then put back in case. Like New Mint Condition Games. Only Accepting Pay-Pal Payments and item will be shipped as soon as payment is received, Thank You!

P.S - Plus before SRK Updated there site, I had 7 Positive Review Of Items that I sold. and Now I’m back to Zero, Just giving you guys a Heads up if anyone is wondering about my sale statue.

P.S # 2 - I’m willing to sell both Assassin’s Creed Games for just $40 - Free Shipping.

Assassin’s Creed - PS3 SOLD
$13 - Free Shipping

Assassin’s Creed 2 - PS3
$20 - Free Shipping

Bayonetta - PS3 SOLD
$25 - Free Shipping

God of War 3 -PS3 SOLD
$35 - Free Shipping

daaaaaaaaammit i want bayonetta but i spent a heapfull of money this month already :sad:

Bump Added more items.

I’ll snag Assassin’s Creed off you. Can you PM me your paypal account name and contact information (Name, address, email) and I’ll respond with my info and payment.


PMed you

Lowered the Price of GOW3 to now $40 - Free shipping.

Bumped Lowered Price on AC2 and Bayonetta.

bumped Lowered Price of GOW3 to $35 - Free Shipping.

PM sent for Bayonetta

PM sent for God of War.

Edit Payment sent for God of War III.

Lowered Assassin’s Creed 2 to $20 anyone wants to take it off my hands?