Wts SOTA street fighter rounds 1-4

Hey guys, i have an item up thats about to end, and its not that expensive, thought some of you might be interested

its the entire first 4 rounds of SOTA’s street fighter action figure line + evil ryu and shin akuma (minus ken)

check it out if you might be interested, or if you know anyone that is into collecting, tell them to check it out:

Rounds 1 - 4 of SOTA Street Fighter Action Figures - eBay (item 270624484875 end time Aug-26-10 16:45:51 PDT)

i also have SOTA’s 12" chun li statue up for sale, so check it out as well:
SOTA 12" Chun Li Limited Edition Statue (128 of 700) - eBay (item 270624488627 end time Aug-26-10 17:02:00 PDT)