Wts souji custom ps3 stick....resident evil theme

Lookingto sell a souji custom for ps3 with sanwa jlf and seimitsu buttons…recently for this off muffman here on srk and I had plans for it but some things came up and i need to sell it…looking for 140 shipped…it jas been set up to access the inside without tools for easy access to change parts, art, etc…shipping in conus only VIA paypal.

IMAG0530 by slaycruz13, on Flickr

IMAG0531 by slaycruz13, on Flickr

updated with pics and price drop…I need to get rid of this…

Someone make an offer…please? Lol

Sweet case. I was going to get tgis one originally but you beat me too it! Haha

Just thought I’d pop in and say slaycruz is a great seller. Easy to work with, great communication and he is great with packaging the items. Now, somebody pay the man. :tup:

Case is pending at the moment.

On me? :3

Hmmmnn. That case looks familiar…

are there any pics of the sides.

Case has been traded…will update Original post.

New stick with pics added…


Finkle sold to fifty8mm…stay tune may have another stick up soon.

New item added with pics…


Souji stick Sold to master_amado…appreciate the business guys.

Thanks jesse I got it quick and the bonus was cool. Thanks again man

No problem bro.