WTS: Soul Caliber 5 Stick Bezel/Sanwa Buttons + More

Looking to Sell The stock buttons that came with it the Red/Green/Blue/Yellow Plus the black sanwa buttons . A gold and Keychain with Stick opener a Custom Chun Li Picture that has mini pictures in it which was won at UFGT7 Last Year and a Ultimate MVC3 Guide book PLUS a Dazzle with all the cords needed
Send me a PM if interested

Stick Bezel (sold)+ Sanwas $25 Not the CLEAR ones
Explore Andre Howard

White Dazzle with all cords $30
Explore Andre Howard

Chun Li Picture $15 and a Gold Keychain (15) Blue SOLD and 2 of the buttons
Explore Andre Howard

UMVC3 Guide ($15)

$30 for the Bezel? Seriously? Lol

Sounds too good to be true. Its gotta be a comprehension error on his part.

Seeing the fact that you have to pay for the stick to even get the bezel…Plus i didnt know the true price of it…id prob go lower depends how much

will it fit any TE case? if so $10 shipped. :slight_smile:

Yea it fits ANY TE case but not selling it under 20 because a replacement costs more…and the only way to get this by buying a SC5 stick…so 20 Shipped