WTS: Soul Calibur IV and tekken 5 hori stick

got used but well taken care of Soul Calibur 4 for 360 and tekken 5 hori stick for ps2.

SCIV: 20 shipped
Tekken 5 stick Hori(the one in the collectors edition): 75 shipped

sorry for any confusion on the product, it is indeed the game not the stick for SCIV.

I’ll take the SCIV stick


I PM’d quite quickly about the SCIV stick, who got dibs on it?

Is it the SCIV Hori EX?

Yeah we posted at the same minute as well lol I’m curious to see what happens.

is the t5 stick equiped with sanwa already or the jap version?

Isn’t it just the game not the stick?

Wait… This could be totally possible now that I re-read it.

OP if it’s the game you’re selling I’m not interested.

However, if it is the Soul Calibur IV Hori Joystick you’re selling then yes, I’m still very interested.

Oh wow -scratches head- perhaps I wanted to see “stick” so bad I jumped before I even had a chance to think, haha. It seems like it’s just the game now that you mention it, but I guess we’ll just have to hear from the seller.

If it is the game I’d still love to get it.

Thumb wrestle it out. Winner gets to buy the stick.

Yeah guys- don’t think its the stick. Shipping should cost ~15.