WTS spider man and Akuma themed PS3 wireless arcade stick

I made his to be a 6 button stick so it would be exactly like a Capcom arcade cabinet.

Wood is tiger maple with espresso dye
Happ joystick and buttons from what I remember it has bene a while since I made these.

Never really used it just liked building them

Asking 250


currently on eBay

Beautiful stick.


It’s a bit too flashy for my tastes, but PM me if you ever start taking commission jobs!!!

WTS Akuma themed PS3/PC/XBOX arcade stick

This fully lights up when pressing the buttons you can program it to stay on or do other things. This has all Japanese parts in it. I think sanway or siemitsu

Never really used it just liked building them

Asking 300


currently on eBay

Merged the 2 threads you made. Don’t make 1 thread per item please. Might want to edit thread title to reflect both sticks. GLWS