WTS: spring time HUGE Sale, all kinds of stuff (R2 TE, games, controllers, extras)


hello, i must sell some of my gaming stuff. please let me know if you have questions about any of my items.

SOLD MadCatz Round 2 TE stick (X360) GONE

Sanwa Balltops (white and yellow) $8 shipped each or $12 for both

Art of StarCraft II book $35 shipped

2.5? SATA 320GB drive (perfect for PS3) SOLD

Monster Hunter 3 Tri (Wii) pack with CC Pro $40 shipped

MGS4 (PS3) not GH - $12 shipped

Bayonetta X360 - SOLD

Gears of War 2 - $10 shipped


Bionic Command Elite Force GBC game - free with purchase
Xbox Special Edition memory card (from Xbox- live beta test) -$14 shipped
Clear blue Dreamcast VMU -$8 shipped
Red Dead Redemption playing card bonus item (un-opened) -$10 shipped

Nintendo Gamecube Wavebird wireless controller with dongle - $40 shipped

Xbox controller S type x 2 -$10 each or $18 shipped for both
PS -> Xbox controller adapter -$9 shipped

Sealed PS2 Demo Discs free with purchse


PM’d you for the TE.


Interested in Bayonetta. Expect a PM shortly. :tup:


hey Ikagi-chan, your inbox is full. i can’t send you my paypal for bayonetta


i want the te




Damn that sata drive looks tempting. Good prices!


Your inbox is full plik


Sorry plik, I just cleaned out my inbox. Shoot me a PM with your Pay Pal address anytime man. :tup:


tried sending you a pm but your inbox is full plik.


i’m really sorry everyone. i just cleaned out my inbox. my work internet filters out SRK.


pm’d you.


all pm’s have been replied to. updated the post with items sold. if you don’t like the price on something, just send me a message. i’ll work something out.


bump, i’m willing to trade some of this for good DS Rpg’s. PM me if you are interested.




last bump before eBay. let me know if you want anything.


if you can get an empty Te case or a hori ex let me no