WTS: Spyder TL Plus + Accesories


I know this is probably the wrong forums to post this in (lol) but i figured why not one of you guys may be in need (or know someone in need) of a good quality paintball gun (mint played like 5 games)

Looking to Sell a

Spyder TL Plus, 20 ounce CO2 tank, Scope, 3 side strap 100 refill hoppers and 2 masks 1 JT the other is 32 degrees. Again everything is in excellent condition

Im looking for 150 + shipping for everything.

Thanks for the help guys let me know if you need pictures and are interested.


Would’ve probably been interested a few weeks ago but I got out of paintball for the moment. :lol: Good luck with your sell.


Thanks :slight_smile:



Bumpy 125$ +shipping Price Drop


Boom Shakalaka Shaq fu sized bumped


Bumpity Schumpity Wumpity Lumpity!