WTS: SSF4 S Stick - PS3 & GoW Collection


This stick is like new conditions only used twice, and Only modded the last 2 white buttons to the same color buttons as the rest of the stick. I will include the 2 white buttons also if you want to put it back together to it’s original stick for free. Also comes with original box in like new conditions also.

PS3 - Super Street Fighter 4 S Stick - $110 with Free Shipping SOLD

I’'ll also trow in the Ryu/Ken and Deejay/Blanka Thumb Fighters for Free when buying the stick.

Also selling like New is the God of War Pandora’s Box Ultimate collection for PS3. I don’t have the codes for the Dominus Skin, 7 Challenges Arena, and the Documentary Video. I got this from a friend of mines and he already activated the codes. The only one that isn’t activated is the GoW Trilogy - Blood and Metal Soundtracks. Also including the GoW Collection 1 & 2. So your getting the Whole Trilogy with this bundle. Here’s a list of what it comes with…

  • Pandora’s Box - Mint with Original Box
  • Art Book
  • Blood and Metal Trilogy Soundtrack Code
  • God of War Collection
  • God of War 3

God of War Ultimate Collection - $50 with Free Shipping

Only Accepting Paypal Payments, and Only shipping in the US for now. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank You!


Bumped Lowered both Items $10 Less.


Hey There,

Interested in the Stick, Are you willing to ship to Toronto, Canada?

Verified Paypal - highly interested in covering the difference in shipping as well.


Pm’d sent


S stick is sold, GoW Collection still up brought down price to $50 but that’s my final offer on the God of War Collection.


bumped with lowered price on the GoW collection.